Species Micro Dose Capsules

Species Micro Dose Capsules

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Each capsule contains 0.3 grams of micro dose capsules.

12 per pack. Recommended serving is one in the morning, one at night. 3 days on, 4 days off.

Microdosing is the practibe of using extremely small amounts of psychedelics to supposedly realize certain purported positive effect, including:

- Better problem-solving skills

- Improved overal stamina

- Emotional Balance

- Increased physical energy and overall performance

- Treatment for anxiety, depression, psychosis, ADHD, and PMS

*Dosages this small does not usually produce the hallucinatory or pschedelic effects common to such substances, indicating that the dose is "sub-preceptual". However, proponents of microdosing say that there is a response at the cellulr level that results in several positive benefits.

PSILO Microdose Pills can also be taken in high anxiety situations about 1-2 hours before. ALSO, keep in mind 6+ pills would total 2+ grams, which would be similar to a normal mushroom experience.